Live Streaming Event Video Production

Hear the Call Audio Visual offers webcasted broadcasting capabilities over the internet using your desired streaming platform. Much like a television broadcast, we stream your event using digital video switchers with up to four video cameras and integrated computers for titles, intros and credits, mixed with 24 channel digital audio, encoded to your desired delivery network. I.e.: Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom, WebEx to name a few. We also offer the capabilities to digitally record your events audio, video or both in real time. We are excited to work with and educate our clients. Together we create realistic, achievable expectations, using trained personnel and required equipment for your events success.

Audio Hear the Call AV has been streaming as a supplement to live events for over ten years. Now with web based streaming being brought to the forefront, audience size is not constricted to the four walls of a ballroom. We have streamed corporate meetings, seminars, fundraisers, auctions, religious services, and bands, with viewership hundreds and thousands!

Communication on time services with attention to detail, with competitive prices. Hear the Call has over two decades of experience, and we are happy to serve our clients with experience and an energetic positive approach. We are dedicated to making your event exceptional.

All Bay area Counties also including, Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties.